Oceatoon as a partner

1 Development

Our broad range of talents opens our doors to all sorts of projects, to which we can
confortebly answer relying on our indiviudual autonomy and expertise forming a group that
works together where all elements can rely on each other almost blindly.


2 Technologies

  • Paradigms: REST, KISS : Keep it super simple, SOC : Seperation of Concerns, MVC : Model, View, Controller
  • Open Source FrameWorks: WordPress, Joomla, Contao, Magento, Ofbiz, Code Igniter, Cocoon
  • Databases: Mysql, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • All Plateforms: Windows, Linux
  • Mobile: Android, Iphone
  • GIS: GMaps API, GEarth API, GEarth Pluggin, Open street Maps
  • Languages: Smarty, JQuery, Prototype, Json oriented programming for cross domain JS, CSS, XHTML, SQL, Java, Python
  • Open Web API: FaceBook API, Twitter API, Delicious API
  • Google APIs: Google Maps API, Google Earth API, Google Calendar API, Google Search API, Google Image search API, Youtube API, Visualization API, Feeds API


3 Research

Constently on top of all web technologies we focus a lot of our efforts to think and
find ways to move technology forward which pushes our features forward as well.
Building ideas is a time consuming process which keeps us tuned in to the latest
techniques but moreover assures us to be in the right spot in front of the future of
internet and innovative medias.


4 Architecture

Based on our experience of developmentand, site administration,
we follow many best practices such as : Keeping it simple,
Seperation of concerns, REST urls, always work under repository control.
Our Objectives are to make plateforms that are top of their generation,
easy to evolve and maintain in time, and as User friendly as possible.


5 Web GIS

since our first days we use GIS as a means of communication.

it is now available on all platforms.

a great combiantion with most information systems


6 Photography

People love to contemplate
and we love to share what we see
Because we enjoy capturing the moment
and running around nature. SEE MORE


7 Web2.0 Design

User experience part of our main concerns.
Latest web technology at the service of user experience
We love to tweak & play around with existing solutions,
bend them into new directions, to try to find new ways to
view & travel the web


8 Open Source

what is not shared is lost

benefit from the work and the experience of others

don’t reinvent the wheel on every task

Think for reusabilty

Reduces costs


9 Consulting

To build and structure your thoughts and ideas
To organise the project management and development process
To help you distribute and communicate your products
To help you Reach your Vision


10 E-commerce

Having participated in large and small scale E-Commerce projects.
We have all sorts of solutions to suite your needs.
Migrate from one solution to another.
Strong Product Referencing and Viral distribution techniques.


11 SEO Referencing and Optimisation

Quality links are the driving force of your Web referencing strategy.
Optimizing the internal structure of your website is the best way to
stand out on Google and other search engines. It also allows you to
pick the right keywords to describe your company and products,
guaranteeing you a top position on Internet search engines.


12 What I did today ? Blog ARchive

Coming Soon….


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